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Are Marketers Going To Be Extinct?

March 24th, 2009   •   2 comments   

Are Marketers Going The Way of the Dodo? (Courtesy of kevinzim)

Do marketers still have a job in this day and age? ¬†With blogs, Skype, Facebook, MSN, Youtube, and Twitter, everybody – from the CEO down to the company driver – can be accessible online, 24 by 7, 365 days a week. One can also get tonnes of information about a company’s products or services online or offline. Best of all, they come from 3rd party individuals with no vested interests in the organisation.

Is there still a place for the specialist marketer or publicist in any organisation?

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Chief Marketing Officers Wanted

August 22nd, 2007   •   7 comments   


In the recent “Marketing for Results” conference which I attended graced by Professor Philip Kotler, he highlighted the importance of a new position – the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – in organisations. In certain companies, this role is equivalent to the almighty Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who usually sits next to the CEO in any organisation.

What should a CMO do? Many things apparently, according to Kotler:

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