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David versus Goliath: Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Experience

July 3rd, 2011   •   4 comments   

Ocean Park Hong Kong (Photo Copyright © Marion Udall)

Thanks to my colleagues from the Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA), I had the privilege to learn how Hong Kong’s Ocean Park managed to hold its ground against HK Disneyland. Speaking at the Tourism Masterclass co-organised by ASA and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Tom Mehrmann, its Chief Executive, shared fascinating insights on their rags to riches story.

Attracting more than 5 million visitors a year (2010/11 is likely to be its best year ever with 5.8 million visitors), Ocean Park started way back in 1977 attracting only 1.3 million annual visitors. The sprawling attraction covering some 870,000 square metres was ranked the number one theme park in China, and the seventh most popular amusement park in the world by Forbes magazine.

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How an Underdog Trumps Disney [Case Study]

August 19th, 2007   •   5 comments   

How an Underdog Trumps Disney
Can Whiskers (Wai Wai) take the mickey out of Mickey Mouse? (source of image)

What do you do when an 800 pound gorilla arrives at your door step?

Well, you differentiate, innovate and fight back with all you’ve got. Especially if you are an incumbent home-grown player in your local market.
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