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The Power of Positive Language

February 14th, 2012   •   no comments   

Tap the power of positive words today (courtesy of Shelley Stark)

Have you wondered why things do not turn out the way you like them to? Are you caught in a downward spiral of disappointment and negativity?

Ever thought that what you say can and will make all the difference?

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The Power of Visualisation

April 6th, 2011   •   1 comment   

The Power of Visualisation

Courtesy of About Health

“Begin with the End in Mind”

That’s one of the immortal “7 Habits” created by the late motivational guru Stephen Covey as one of his cardinal 7 Habits of Successful People.

However, what happens if you keep imagining all the possible things that can go wrong in your minds? What sort of end would you have?
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