Perth Holiday!

June 8th, 2005   •   no comments   •   Author: Walter Lim   

Yay! Took half day off from work to do the things which I enjoy doing.

Finally did a booking for Perth self-drive holiday with Misa Travel. Located above Hong Lim Hawker Centre (where I had my beloved turtle soup), Misa offered a fairly cost effective package. 6D5N at only $1078 plus Toyota Camry car. Not too bad a deal, even though one may be able to shop for cheaper online deals from the net. However, it saves me and my wife Tina the hassle and time – a very precious commodity for parents of an energetic 18 month old toddler!

Collected my brand new spectacles at the Pearls Optical Centre at People’s Park Centre too. The blue titanium frame with slightly squarish shape, coupled with transition lenses, set me back a cool $250. However, I think I look better with this latest pair, which can do the chameleon act and change from clear plastic to as dark as sunglasses.


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