Why Night Safari is World Class

December 4, 2006 Blog 1 comment

Last Saturday, I brought my family to the Night Safari, one of Singapore’s top performing leisure attraction. The place was swarming with both locals and tourists alike, and the atmosphere was simply electric. Sprawled over 40 hectares, this wildlife destination attracts more than a million visitors a year, and has won numerous Tourism Awards for being the best attraction.

What are the secrets to its success? Well, here are some thoughts from somebody who works in this industry who is also a customer.
1) Human Warmth. From the moment we stepped into its safari-themed environment, we were greeted by cheerful staff members, who welcomed us and directed us to where we can get tickets.

2) Seamless Professionalism. We enjoyed the clear, articulate and grammatically correct commentary provided by the host during the tram ride. This was certainly a refreshing difference from how typical Singaporeans speak. When we strayed into an unsafe area, a crew member firmly but politely told us which way to go instead, citing concerns for our safety. He later directed us to the right path and even apologised for being a little loud earlier.

3) Spontaneous Service. When I ordered a drink to go with my burger, the restaurant crew automatically asked me to go for the meal instead as it would save me money for the same items. There were times during our visit when we looked lost and were wondering which way to go. During those moments of indecision, an employee would show us the way in a friendly and welcoming voice.

4) Careful Choreography. Although it doesn’t appear so, we felt that our entire visit was well orchestrated. From the start to the finish, unsightly uninterruptions were kept to a minimum. Every step that visitors took seemed to be taken into consideration.

5) Immersive Ambience. Care and attention were made to create a vivid and realistic environment, yet not forsaking the essential comforts of modernity. The tiki torches lining the entrance, luxuriant forest setting, tribal village buildings and sounds of the jungle added to our escapist experience.

6) Clear Directional Signs. It is certainly no fun to be lost in a dark and unfamiliar environment. At Night Safari, they pay special attention to signs, making sure that they are brightly lit, legible and comprehensive. We had little problems navigating around most of the time.

7) Convenient Amenities. With a three-year old energetic boy in tow, the last thing you need is to go hunting for toilets, rubbish bins and food. Fortunately, most of such services were easily accessible. It would have been better though if the baby room was more private and had a larger changing area (the one at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is fabulous!)

Overall, it was a very enjoyable visit, albeit tiring one considering the long drive there. Highly recommended!

By Walter
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