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March 13, 2007 Blog 7 comments

School kids making a beeline for the sake of science!

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed visiting the Singapore Science Centre. One of Singapore’s leading attractions and a member of the Museum Roundtable, the Science Centre has managed to reinvent and rejuvenate itself over the years. This can be seen in its growing list of accolades – including one which stated that it is one of the world’s best science museums. Visitorship has also been improving, with close to 800,000 visitors popping through its doors in 2005 and more expected this year.

What are the scientific techniques which lead to its growing popularity? Let me put forward a few educated hypotheses!

1) Sterling Partnerships. One of the things which I have noticed is how Science Centre has allied itself closely with the Agency for Science, Technology And Research (A*Star), a prominent government agency in Singapore promoting research and technology. Such associations help to make the centre more popular with parents, who want to ensure that their kids have a good headstart in life.

2) Big Name Blockbusters. In the last two years, Science Centre has brought in some of the biggest names in showbiz and added a scientific twist to it. They include exhibitions like The Art of Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings. Another biggie which always gets people (especially kids) excited are dinosaurs, the its recent show involving a couple of T-Rexes called Sue and Stan enjoyed roaring results.

3) Aggressive Outreach. To better reach the public, the centre has embarked on various initiatives such as roadshows at shopping centres and malls. It has also sponsored various contests, events and awards to draw attention to itself, often working closely with leading brand names like Sony. Such activities help it to enlarge its sphere of influence beyond the boundaries of the centre.

4) Pulsating Programmes. Think science is boring and only for the nerds and geeks? Think again. With an exciting calendar of events, the centre manage to attract not only lab rats but those with more mainstream interests. Its Omni-Theatre for example, has screened leading Hollywood fare like Superman Returns to reach a bigger group. More recently, it has joined hands with the National Heritage Board on an outdoor concert featuring leading local names like Electrico too.

5) Focusing on Key Customers. Anybody who has visited this attraction will realise one thing. Almost everything is geared towards making kids happy and smiley. One of the most popular attractions here is the outdoor water garden, which is always teaming with screaming pre-schoolers as you can see here.

6) Great Guides and Happy Hosts. I have never failed to be amused during its regular hourly shows by the animated show hosts who take time to connect with the audiences. Always ready with a warm smile, these ambassadors of the centre help to light up the environment and make it a fun experience for all.

7) Exporting Scientific Capital. Leveraging on its core assets, the Science Centre has travelled some of its prized exhibits overseas. Such initiatives help to strengthen the brand positioning of the centre, while helping it to achieve greater international acclaim.

8) Making Them Fans. To keep them all coming back, the Centre has also launched a series of membership and loyalty programmes targeted at various interest groups. These cover a wide range – from science clubs in schools to corporate memberships. Science aficionados who are keen to meet like-minded folks while enjoying generous discounts will naturally be drawn to these programmes.

By Walter
Founder of Cooler Insights, I am a geek marketer with almost 24 years of senior management experience in marketing, public relations and strategic planning. Since becoming an entrepreneur 5 years ago, my team and I have helped 58 companies and over 2,200 trainees in digital marketing, focusing on content, social media and brand storytelling.


  1. Oh I enjoy going to Singapore Science Centre too! It’s also a must-visit for my foreign guests.

    The Museum Roundtable doesn’t have SSC as its partner leh!

    I wish there is a membership card for corporate companies like us who host many foreign guests every year. We always have to check for the discounts and promotions every time. I want to save money ma, I pay for all entrance fees leh! Siong!

  2. brudder..I do agree with you man…they have come a long way since I have visited like looooooooong time ago…

    The staff are professional and I actually did learn alot of things there although I was there for an event.

    Anyhoo…did you check out the Water park by PUB there? I wanted to run in and play with the water but my PS there lah..darn!!

  3. eastcoastlife,

    Actually SSC is also a member of the Museum Roundtable. I believe they do have a corporate membership programme if you are interested. You can check out the details here.

  4. jason,

    Yah I agree that the water park does look fun for all the young kids. Many of them come prepared with swimming attire just to splash around. Incidentally, I noticed that the water park at the Zoo was equally popular. Maybe wild wet fun is the solution to attracting kids (and maybe adults)? 😉

  5. yeah man Walter..think I will bring my nieces to run around there one day…but bringing kids out can be quite logistically tiring man..

    once my boo and I took three nieces out and had to pack soooooooooo many things..fwah…guess who had to carry them all man…doh!!

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