6 Reasons to Buy This Book

July 19, 2007 Blog 4 comments

Here are six reasons why you should get a copy of the above book “Horse-powered & Man-powered Transport: a philatelic excursion”:

1) It is authored by three dear friends of mine, namely Victor, Wee Kiat and Noel. I hear that it is Victor’s maiden effort.
2) It is a labour of love done with much blood, sweat, and tears (of happiness).

3) It is a limited edition which perhaps may be worth a lot of money in future. So hurry before they are all gone!

4) It is “officially” endorsed (haha) by the Friends of Yesterday.sg. In case you do not know, yesterday.sg is Singapore’s leading heritage and museums blog.

5) It is being sold exclusively at the Singapore Philatelic Museum, which is a charming boutique museum tucked away at Coleman Street. And please visit the museum while you are there for a wonderful exploration of Singapore and the world through stamps.

6) It provides a fun and jolly romp through the past, in the good old days when transportation doesn’t add to the carbon crisis which we are now facing.

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  1. Thank you so much for the plug, Walter. As usual, your posts are so crisp, concise and to the point.

    Oh BTW, I managed to sell 8 copies of the book (at $20 per copy) at our organisation’s Charity Day today. All of the $160 collected will be donated to MINDS. I have not totalled up the figures yet but think I collected more money from the sale of the book than from the IT gadget stall that my friend and I were manning.

    Thanks to Wee Kiat and Noel too for doing a part for charity.

  2. No probs Victor. Glad to help in whatever little way. Happy to hear that the sales went better for books than electronic equipment. Well, I guess an original and rare piece of work may be more worthwhile at fairs or garage sales than anything you can get elsewhere. In the US, the novelty value of such items have led to an entirely new market of online auctions and voila! eBay was born.

  3. heh heh, were you one of the 8 buyers? 🙂 ahem, fans of the authors will be pretty disgusted that one of the kind co-authors has reserved a copy for this nostalgic displaced s’porean! 🙂

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