Autumn in Singapore?

August 11, 2007 Blog 10 comments

One of the things which I love about Jewel Box at Mount Faber (where you can take the cable car) is its decor. There are probably few leisure attractions in Singapore which pay as much attention or fervour to creating thematic zones as the Jewel Box. This is probably one of the reasons why they have been voted so frequently as one of the top attractions in Singapore.

While there recently to catch a cable car ride, I managed to shoot some photos of its golden brown splendour.

Perched high atop Mount Faber, the Jewel Box is a restaurant, cable car station, and pristine function venue all rolled into one. Here, you can see golden yellow and red leaves decking its facade.
A view of the reception counter, complete with red maple leaves plastered on the glass wall.

One of the pillars at the entrance decorated with autumn “flowers” and hues of red, brown and yellow.

Even the staircases are decorated, with garlands of fall harvests by the side.

More views of wrapped up pillars and wall-papered sides with the colours and shapes of fall.

The gift shop at Jewel Box, enshrouded with the “foliage” of fall.

“Saplings” of maple trees stand side by side with “barren” branches just outside the cable car area.

Now don’t you think these little touches help to enhance the overall experience?

By Walter
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  1. Not surprise that the place is receiving rave reviews despite the fact that one would really need transportation just to get up there alone.

    I love the view from the Jewel Box. Lyn (my boo) and I brought our nieces to Sentosa recently and since the have always wanted to go by cable car, we headed for the Jewel Box.

    Unfortunately for me, my role was just to drop them off and drive directly to Sentosa’s pick up point and ferry them around. Yeah we didn’t want to fight with the horde of tourists there by taking the bus around. So yeah, they did enjoy the cable car ride and I didn’t have the opportunity. 🙁

    Opps, I OT a little. Anyhoo, there are many places in the Jewel Box I want to check out…new beer place perhaps? 😉

  2. jason,

    Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to hitch a ride and have to play chaffeur that day. Haha… Well, actually I do have a special privilege card as an Exco member of the association of Singapore Attractions which allows me and my family unlimited entries to attractions. This in a way is why I blog so much about them – partially to help the industry and also highlight the things which most Singaporeans may not have the chance to see.

  3. et,

    Yeah, its a pity isn’t it? I would have loved the four seasons, especially the colder ones. In fact, I love winter so much that whenever I travel North or South, I try to coincide with that season. Or early Spring which is still nice and frigid. 😉

  4. oh yeah man..think I rem u telling me u got this card which I have been trying to snitch from you…I have told you how much I hated u yah? keke… 🙁

    but great u blog about them tho…

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