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August 17, 2007 Blog 20 comments


Brought my family to catch the Fireworks Festival, a must go for anybody with a 3.75 year old. Part of the National Day celebration, this year’s event was unique as you could buy tickets to sit comfortably on the floating platform at Marina Bay. At $8 apiece, it wasn’t too expensive. Besides, it gives you a breathtaking view of the action.

Here are some pics and videos for memories. My son Ethan certainly enjoyed it and I am sure he will have sweet dreams tonight.
Wait a minute. Has the show started already? Why are these people whipping up their cameras and snapping away?

The answer? Pre-fireworks entertainment in the form of fire eaters and dancers. Kind of related though the flames aren’t exactly as hot as those in the night sky.

Yet another fiery acrobatic performance. This unicyclist managed to juggle four flaming torches without missing a beat. Of course, his accomplice, a member of the audience, didn’t do too badly either.

Ethan couldn’t resist snapping a pose with the huge dancing balloons surrounding the platform.

The huge 27,000 strong crowd waiting in eager anticipation while the two emcees from Power 98 and 88.3 FM bantered on…and on… and on….

The warm-up performance was a light and music show emanating from the stage.

Followed by dazzling, kaleidoscopic fireworks in many different shades. This one takes the form of pink and orange beams shooting into the sky.

Blue flashes, white spikes, green showers, and golden yellow trajectories here.

Splashes of red and orange illuminating the night sky.

Followed by greens, yellows and whites.

And of course, the climactic finish with multiple hues, patterns and bursts going off towards the end.

To help you relive the experience, here are two rather amateurish videos which I captured.

I just LOVE them fireworks. Do you?

By Walter
Founder of Cooler Insights, I am a geek marketer with almost 24 years of senior management experience in marketing, public relations and strategic planning. Since becoming an entrepreneur 5 years ago, my team and I have helped 58 companies and over 2,200 trainees in digital marketing, focusing on content, social media and brand storytelling.


  1. i think it was mentioned that he bought tickets at $8 each … i think the tickets have all been snapped up.

    i watched it from the padang… not a bad place to watch it.. a few hundred others thought so too 🙂

  2. Very nice fireworks…

    Love to see more street performances on a regular basis instead of only on special occasions like this. When I walked down NYC, street performers like these are everywhere.

  3. I see that you, or rather, Ethan has enjoyed himself thoroughly last night. I may be there tonight too. Will have to see how the schedule goes today.

  4. hey Walter,

    was there the night before, but did’t pay $8 – I was watching from Marina Square 🙂 Still, I had a tough time getting to City Hall MRT after that!

    I still prefer the experience of setting off our own fireworks at Kukup! 😛

  5. justina,

    Hi there! We got there at about 7.40 pm or so, which isn’t very early actually. Due to the immense jams and carpark situation, I had to park somewhere further and walk to Esplanade. Its good that I know the territory well, since my office is in the vicinity of this arts and heritage district. 😉

  6. et,

    Thanks for compliment. Its certainly a good idea to have street performers add to the colour and bustle of the festivities. Part of building a stronger showbiz culture in Singapore.

    I would love to visit NYC one of this days, having read so much about it in books. Plus of course it is the Mecca of Marketing for Advertising Aficionados like me!

  7. eileen,

    Yeah the tickets were snapped up pretty quickly. I guess its because they pre-sold it at schools and by the time it went to the public, most were already bought. Hope you enjoyed it at Padang too, which offers a different perspective.

  8. oceanskies,

    Yes, they were beautiful and like you, we are generally allergic to crowds. Good thing though is that they are very orderly, since most are families with young kids.

  9. priscilla,

    Looks like another crowd aversive person here. One way to catch this in some privacy is to book the adjoining hotel rooms. However, that certainly will cost more than $8 apiece…

  10. kian ann,

    Welcome back! Marina Square on the steps could be a great place to catch it too. MRT is certainly going to be packed to the gills after mass events like this.

    I was chatting with a colleague about fireworks and it seems that in Malaysia you can still do it…well… maybe subversively? Over here, it is no way Jose…

  11. I love fireworks too. You did a really good job capturing those shots. The photos turned out so well. I can never take a successful picture of fireworks. Usually, they turn out too dark and always look like “ghost images”(not sharp)….:(

  12. I watched the firework on Friday night (not from Marina Bay but near the Singapore River) and I love it so much. It was so beautiful. Great you enjoyed it too.

  13. tigerfish,

    Thanks for your compliments. I think I was lucky to have a pretty good albeit basic camera able to capture it at different modes. The trick is to snap a gazillion photos and videos just in case some come out well.

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