Is Toyota Diversifying into Food?

September 27, 2007 Blog 16 comments


Spotted this advertisement at the regular bus stop which I take. Hmmm… notice the (R) – ie registered trademark – next to the words LEXUS? Does this mean that the world’s number one automotive company is now going into cream crackers?

Notice how closely the font of the biscuit brand emulates that of the luxury marque as seen below:

I wonder if the biscuits are as silent as the Lexus cars when you bite into them? 🙂

By Walter
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  1. wahaha!! Nice one man..hey..funny story..I have been eating this for a while now and it has never crossed my mind that it shares the same name as the Toyota Lexus..wahaha!!

  2. >I wonder if the biscuits are as silent as the Lexus cars when you bite into them?

    I am also wondering why Lexus the prestigious Japanese marque is as silent as its cars on this matter? Could it be because there’s unlikely to be any infringement of its brand name as there is no way one product could be mistaken for the other?

  3. Wow that brings a whole new image to the biscuit. I mean, before this I’ve been buying the biscuit like any other normal biscuit but now that you tell me its owned by an automobile company? umm.. somehow I’m making the association of greasy and dirty oil workshop to the biscuits ^^;;;

    Maybe that’s why they’re so silent about it. Must be the perception the public will get if they find out its by one of the world’s top automobile manufacturers.

  4. victor,

    Yeah I wonder why they didn’t take any action… or maybe they were the ones who came later? I thought perhaps one had a trademark in Japan first while the other in Singapore. I am sure they must have met sometime…

  5. If this biscuits were to be sold in the US, Toyota would bring it up to the courts. So many cases regarding similar or same trade names with the copycat being sued.

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