Ethan Turns Four!

November 25, 2007 Blog 6 comments

As Ethan celebrates his fourth birthday this coming Tuesday (27 November), we had a great week of multiple celebrations. This actually felt uncannily like his third birthday, if you can recall, with pretty much the same players (close friends and relatives). Looking at the photos just makes you wish you were a kid all over again doesn’t it?

First was a celebration with his good friend Dyann, who turned five on 19 November at her place.

Ethan and Dyann before lighting up the candles.
Here’s Ethan trying his nth time to blow out those indefatigable candles. “The big bad wolf huffed and puffed, huffed and puffed, huffed and puffed….”

After celebrating in a very comfortable home setting, our next adventures took place in a back alley full of lizards and cockroaches. Yes, this was an unconventional birthday celebration at Moonstone Lane. Those in the know would appreciate the famous pomfret fish head steamboat being served here.

Sure looks yummy doesn’t it? And surprisingly, the place was quite cool and airy in the evening when we dined al fresco style.

After dinner, we adjourned to my brother Roger’s house for the cake cutting and celebration. Roger turns 36 on 26 November, which is just a day before Ethan. Here’s a pic with Mandy on the right and Isaac below singing along.

Finally, just yesterday evening, Tina and I organised Ethan’s birthday celebration at Spizza @ Club Street. The trick to doing a good one is to make sure that the kids are happy with the food and well-fed.

Everybody seemed happy there as you can see:

A line up of kids from our extended families. From left: Chloe (3.5 years), Alycia (7.5 years), Felicia (2.5 years), Isaac (5 years), Mandy (9.5 years), Ethan (4 years), and Ariel (7.5 years).

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Ethan….”

A close up view of the “powerful” cake chosen no less by Ethan himself. This isn’t just any Power Ranger but those from the SPD series.

After an exhausting but happy week and evening, we retreated back home. Ethan was naturally happy with the harvest that evening as you can see:

90% of his birthday presents were Power Rangers related (both Mystic Force and SPD).

Happy Birthday Ethan! Mummy and Daddy wish you all the best in the year ahead as you grow up.

PS – Let me know if you wish to learn the secrets of organising a happy kids birthday party…

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  1. I was about to say that too, Jason. I really don’t remember ever receiving that many pressies on any of my birthdays :(.

    Happy Birthday Ethan!

    Walter, what did Ethan get from mummy and daddy?

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