Are You Cleaning or Dirtying Me?

March 15, 2008 Blog 5 comments

One of the things which irk me each time I return home is to see this.


I know that you are trying to clean the common stairwells of my flat, and I am eternally grateful for that. However, must you leave such a spotty and blotchy messy at my door? I don’t think it would hurt to bring along a cloth and wipe the exterior of the doors which you dirty while cleaning the stairs would it?

Of course, nothing beats this eye-sore which I spotted at a common recycling bin just a block away from my home.


I wonder if one should be deliriously happy that the oft-ignored recycling message has finally hit home – to overflowing effect – or sob at this monstrosity of mankind’s messiness.

By Walter
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  1. About the mess at the recycling bin, I suspect the mess could be from people who scrounge at the bins to take the trash for their own (to resell later). I’ve seen one aunty at my block mess up the bin, just to get at some paper cartons.

  2. sigh..we dun put recycling bins there, people say govt not helping them with recycling. Then when we put them up, we get this…

    Unfortunately, as for my estate, my recycling bins are not much better from yours. And to make it worse, our bins are outdoors and mozzies love to breed in garbage left outdoors..esp after the rain…uughh

  3. I remembered many moons ago, Parkway Parade had this recycling machine that will crushed drink cans. Thought it was a great recycling effort and used to bundle my month-load of coke cans there. Pity the machine is no longer available.

    Singapore has still a long way to go towards reduce, reuse and recycle. One thing we can do is teach the younger generation not be be so “disposable”. The “everything can throw” attitude not only damages the environment but themselves and their pockets too.

  4. i hope you don’t see these everyday. i think it overflow with rubbish during CNY or perhaps GSS when everyday dunk old stuffs only to be replaced with new junk … and the lifecycle goes all over again LOLz

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