Laughter the Best Advertising Medicine?

May 16, 2008 Blog 1 comment

Is humour in advertising overrated? Or a fundamental element of attracting customers to your brand? Well, it depends on how they are applied.

Anybody who has watched the following VISA commercials would agree that they are highly entertaining yet memorable. It helps that they have a sterling cast and a certain style which makes them unmistakably VISA.

An example is this one with Catherine Zeta-Jones…

…And of course, more recently, two of China’s most famous global exports.

However, there are some advertisements which may be funny, but does absolutely nothing for the brand. Like this one here:

Creative Technology tries to tickle the funny bone with this one, but somehow or other, I still don’t quite get what they are doing here. It isn’t quite consistent with the Zen’s brand message, and I don’t understand what a Panda has to do with a made in Singapore MP3 player. Does anyone know?

This one is my favourite in terms of humour, and the message is definitely very starkly and clearly communicated across! Unfortunately, the emphasis seems to be more on the product category as opposed to its brand name.

What are your views like regarding television commercials? Do they have to be funny to win hearts, minds and most importantly, wallets?

By Walter
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