Joyful Jaunts @ Jurong

August 31, 2008 Blog 2 comments

After escaping to the East (ie Changi) recently, we discovered that journeying to the West can be just as fun. It has been some time since we brought Ethan out, and we thought that it would be fun to go somewhere different from his usual Northern exposure at Lim Chu Kang. Besides, I didn’t want to risk the Chikungunya virus floating around those parts!

Here’s a short photo essay of our family frolicks.

First stop, Jurong Bird Park, where dinosaur descendents come alive.

Our passport to feathery pleasures, courtesy of the ASA card which I hold.

Here’s Ethan snapping a pose with a “baby penguin” aka Mumble of Happy Feet.

Waving a friendly hello to a swimming King Penguin.

Ethan and Tina catching the popular Birds n Buddies show at the amphitheatre. As the sky looked dark and threatening then, we decided to beat a hasty retreat up Jurong Hill for lunch…

…and stumbled across this little gem of a garden. What could possibly be so famous about it?

After all, the trees look pretty ordinary, albeit nice and mature.

When we looked closer, we found that they were all planted by VVIPs like heads of states from the various countries. Wow!

In the middle of the garden was this funky old school looking observation tower.

…which was “attacked” by a “20-foot” four year old!

After that tom-foolery, it was teppanyaki for lunch at the restaurant.

Next stop was the Singapore Science Centre – another refuge for Jurassic beasts.

Here’s Stan (or Sue?) looking all pretty though rather hollow and vacant.

More animatronic monsters of the scaly skinned sharp toothed variety.

The interactive exhibits were a hit with kids. Here’s Ethan learning about wind power, which may be the main form of energy in his lifetime if we continue screwing the earth up!

Followed by an understanding of how gears worked.

Who says that Jurong is only a place for industrial parks and low-cost housing estates?

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  1. Too bad the Crocodile Farm is no more. Otherwise Ethan would have enjoyed that plus the prawn fishing. I do have some photos of my kids at this place though.

    Then there is also the Tang Dynasty Village. How thrilled he would have been to see the gravity-defying sword-fighting acts.

    But the Science Centre and Omni Theatre are still there.

  2. hmm..the bird park seems to be pretty quiet nowadays eh? But it is still a nice place tho…

    And erm..good choice on the Jap restaurant man..I always enjoyed my visits there..keke..

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