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MTV-Sponsored Show Raises Awareness on Human Trafficking in Asia
Courtesy of United Nations’ Photo

Human trafficking is a major global problem. About 2.5 million people are victims of trafficking according to the UN’s International Labour Organisation.  Over half of these people are in Asia and the Pacific. Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across national borders (Source: US Government). Over 80% are women and up to 50% are children.  Victims often suffer physical and emotional abuse, rape, threats against self and family, and even death.

Human trafficking is so common now that it is the 3rd most profitable criminal activity in the world after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. Criminals earn a staggering US$10 billion every year through buying and selling human beings! 

Formed to stop this worldwide scourge, MTV EXIT is a campaign about freedom which aims to increase the overall awareness and prevention of human trafficking. It does this through television programmes, online content, live events, and partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations.  Working with a wide range of government agencies and NGOs, its partners include international bodies such as the UNIAP, World Vision, ASEAN, USAID (key partner), and AusAID (key partner). 

To perform this herculean task, MTV EXIT adopts a holistic strategy employing celebrity power, public education, edutainment and the reach of mass media broadcast, live events, and online channels. 

Awareness and Education

Through the use of digital media and the influence of the universal language of music, MTV EXIT has influenced young people across the world, raising awareness and providing education/vital information on how potential victims can protect themselves from traffickers. This critical approach has enabled MTV EXIT to reach out to millions across Southeast Asia, improving their understanding and highlighting the disastrous consequences of this criminal activity.

Television Documentaries 

Leveraging on MTV’s television networks, The “Enslaved” series is part of a series of documentaries that details the stories of victims across Asia. To maximise its purpose and reach, it is made available in various local languages including Tagalog, Khmer and Myanmarese. Each version is customised to its market.

Celebrity Ambassadors

To give added star power to its cause, MTV EXIT appoints celebrities to helm its campaign. The latest star-studded happening is the appointment of one of Vietnam’s leading pop stars, Mỹ Tâm as the new MTV EXIT Celebrity Ambassador to Vietnam.  There, she will host the half-hour Vietnamese documentary film, Enslaved: An MTV EXIT Special.

Partnerships with Schools and Youth Associations

MTV EXIT partners with schools and youth associations to organise youth forums and roadshows. The aim is for youth leaders, particularly from rural/less privileged areas, to spread the message in their communities. These volunteers help to generate greater word of mouth amongst their respective networks, engendering a greater efficacy in the campaign’s reach and influence.

Free Admission Concerts

Through their celebrity clout, MTV EXIT invites international and local acts to perform at no charge for its cause. The most recent concert held in Phnom Penh on 17 December 2011 galvanised more than 40,000 fans and advocates. Coming up is a massive live concert at Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium on 26 May featuring international modern-rock sensation, Simple Plan.

Courtesy of MTV EXIT

Talks and Forums

Here in Singapore, our government recently announced a National Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons with an Inter-Agency Taskforce that will work closely with NGOs and other relevant organisations to combat this crime against humanity.  A major development will be an upcoming conference organised by HOME titled “Developing Partnerships to Combat Human Trafficking” which will feature MTV EXIT’s Matt Love.

Social Media Channels

To reach its young digitally savvy target audience more effectively, MTV EXIT leverages on its social media platforms such as its website, Twitter account, Facebook page, Wikipedia page, and numerous online videos. These platforms are used to spread content and key messages in various formats.

Courtesy of MTV EXIT

Multimedia Exhibition

Finally, MTV EXIT is also hosting its first-ever multi-media exhibition on human trafficking in Vietnam as part of MTV EXIT Youth Sessions. The display will give Vietnamese youth the opportunity to learn about human trafficking by interacting with the issue through different creative mediums. It will be segmented into a series of different spaces, such as video, music, installation, photography, and interactive activities to facilitate a dynamic learning experience.

To do your part to stop human trafficking, join the fight on MTV EXIT’s website today.

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