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Does Anything or Whatever Work?

June 3rd, 2007   •   23 comments   

Anybody who has been reading anything in the media or spent anytime at our bus stops recently would have noticed this teaser campaign by Out of the Box Pte Ltd. In a radical departure from how traditional FMCG companies market new brands, the company has decided to name their new beverage brands “Whatever” and “Anything”.

This was accompanied by an extensive nation-wide teaser campaign on both mainstream media channels as well as outdoor media. Most of the ads had clever copy playing on the words “Whatever” or “Anything” accompanied by an eye-catching photograph or visual in bright colours. It certainly generated an extensive amount of buzz in the marketing circles.

Here is one of its TVCs aired on Singapore TV channels.
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8 Ways to Advertise Outdoors

May 14th, 2007   •   6 comments   

In my recent series of posts, I have blogged about the increasing prevalence and popularity of outdoor advertising in Singapore. As cited in a recent survey, both taxi and bus advertising are on the increase. The growth in outdoor advertising has in fact led to the creation of its own awards – the Singapore Outdoor Advertising Award. It has also resulted in media behemoth Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) acquiring Media Box Office in 2005, allowing it to provide an integrated media solution to advertisers covering print, radio, online and outdoor channels.

As an advertising space, outdoor media opportunities have their pros and cons. I firmly believe that they do a lot of good for branding and positioning, as well as create greater consumer awareness. After all, most outdoor displays are highly visible, brand-driven, and specially designed to capture your attention. They are what I would call the widest end of the funnel – the first stop if you may to pique customer curiosity and generate interest.

The flip side about outdoor advertising is that it may be less effective in tactical and short-term campaigns. When you have a time-limited offer or promotion, TV, newspapers or flyers still work better. Often, the best integrated marketing communication campaigns employ a mix of outdoor, mass media, and on site marketing to generate the best response.
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Extreme Branding or the Battle of the Cans

May 7th, 2007   •   17 comments   

Driving along Victoria Street after a meal at the famous Jackson Kopitiam at MacPherson, I spotted this anomaly right smack in our city area just outside Bugis Junction.


Yes, your eyes ain’t kidding you. We do have a Wholesale Centre just outside the city called the Victoria Street Wholesale Centre. Apparently, they have 41 units of tenants who specialise in all manner of dry food supplies and special ingredients that you can’t get elsewhere. Now aunties and housewives from every corner of Singapore have a place that they can go to for that extra “lemak” curry!

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Separated from Birth?

May 6th, 2007   •   7 comments   

As I was flipping the newspapers today, I spotted this pair of uncannily similar advertisements from two beauty establishments. See if you can spot the difference between these pair of “identical twins”.

Twin Ad 1
New York Skin Solutions touting miraculous cures for all kinds of skin ailments.

Twin Ad 2
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Moo-ing in the Wrong Pasture?

May 2nd, 2007   •   15 comments   

Colourful cows along River Valley Road below Fort Canning Park

Many would have noticed the return of the colourful cows in open fields in the city. Those of us in the marcoms profession may recognise these “moo-ing” mascots to belong to Moove Media, an outdoor advertising company owned by the transport behemoth ComfortDelgro group – a conglomerate which operates most of the buses and taxis in Singapore.

Apparently, these latest “herds” of cattles are part of an Adopt A Cow promotion that the company is running. You can actually bring home a cow at only S$100 each. What’s more, there are 5 of these cute cattle friends with different names to choose from.
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How You Can Market For Free!

April 30th, 2007   •   6 comments   

In the world of advertising, the first and most important rule is to capture one’s attention. This is the basis for the age-old acronym AIDA, which is namely:

Attraction – Grabbing their attention from amidst the sea of clutter.
Interest – Drawing your audience to view/read/listen further.
Desire – Making them want/need/lust after your stuff.
Action – Where the wallet meets the business owner.
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Strip ‘Em Bare Marketing

April 17th, 2007   •   6 comments   


Saw this interesting looking banner outside Strip – a hair removal joint – at Wheelock Place recently while having lunch at nearby Sun & Moon Dining. Apparently, they remove hair from everywhere, including the famous (or infamous) Brazilian waxing (ouch!) treatment. I thought the huge banner outside their shop was pretty eye catching and different from the usual humdrum marketing (cue TV actress or singer) given to beauty treatments.

The use of comic style characters in the tradition of Roy Lichtenstein certainly catches one’s attention. This is complemented by the clever use of the WANTED style of advertising, coupled with provocative images and cheeky copy that is different from the oft-preferred option of blah advertising by beauty salons. I had a look at their website and apparently, they have quite a funny TV commercial too. I certainly wished that more companies in Singapore can inject greater humour in their marketing.

Fine Art of Flyering

April 12th, 2007   •   12 comments   

As I was opening the door to my home recently, out popped this slip of paper which looked like a hastily scribbled personal note.

When I looked closer at the details, I realise that this was actually a printed flyer and not a request from my relative. Yes, it wasn’t blue ink but print! While the language left much room for improvement, the note does catches one’s attention. It appears to be a genuine request for help, with the offer to pay high cash price for a unit in my estate. Pity that I am not in a hurry to sell though.

Compare that flyer to this one.
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Death of Mainstream Media? Not Just Yet

March 19th, 2007   •   5 comments   

Singapore’s ad expenditure in 2006. Source: Nielsen Media Research

Recent newspaper reports indicated that ad expenditure in Singapore has risen by about 4% to $1.94 billion last year. This reversed an 8.3% decline the previous year before. Entertainment outlets and services were the biggest mainstream media spenders at $202.5 million. This was followed by the retail industry with $136.5 million, followed by government and social organisations at $92.4 million.

What’s surprising was that most categories have shown an improvement, with television pipping newspapers yet again as the number one choice for advertisers, while magazines showed the greatest percentage increase. On the other hand, radio advertising seemed to have fallen significantly. I suspect that this may be due to the migration of listeners away from terrestrial radio stations towards podcasts and MP3.
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Staying Afloat in a Shopper’s Paradise

February 22nd, 2007   •   17 comments   

Crowds thronged VivoCity when they first opened

Recently, quite a few shopping centres in Singapore seem to be left behind in the retail race despite our buoyant economy. Poor customer traffic, contractual spats, tenants going on “strike”, empty shop spaces, decay and disrepair seem to be some of their common woes.

Some are new and spanking. They include Dhoby Xchange, which is strategically located next to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station yet attracting hardly a soul. Another recent case is an unnamed shopping mall at Commonwealth Market (to be renamed Queenspoint) which apparently ran afoul of the law. Its owners Pagar Park did not have approval to sub-let its spaces but still went ahead, with 70% of its 150 retail outlets taken up. Now it is tangled in a messy litigation case involving multiple parties including the Singapore Land Authority.
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