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Futuretainment – A Fabulous Forecast

February 18, 2011 Blog no comments

Futuretainment Cover (3D)
Courtesy of Mike Walsh

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, Futuretainment by “digital anthropologist” Mike Walsh with art-direction from Vince Frost proves that age-old adage wrong, scoring on both looks and content (you may want to check out its website too).

Walsh, the CEO of consumer innovation research agency Tomorrow, doesn’t just know a lot about consumer trends in entertainment, he looks like an entertainer (the rockstar variety) too!

Chief Culture Officer – A Book Review

January 24, 2011 Blog no comments

On a recent visit to the public library at Bukit Merah (I love them for their wide selection), I managed to locate a copy of Chief Culture Officer by cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken.

With the tagline “How to Create a Living, Breathing Corporation”, McCracken proposed that a new professional – the Chief Culture Officer or CCO – is needed to keep corporations on the pulse of consumer cultures. While certain organisations has the fortune of having a CEO who is also a CCO, relying purely on the gut feel of executive tastemakers alone may be dangerous and un-strategic for organisations keen to differentiate themselves.