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Social Media Marketing 101 for Non-Profits

October 11, 2012 Content Marketing, Social Influence 12 comments

Courtesy of Your Social Move

Plagued by the lack of funds, non-profits like associations and societies often have to employ shoe-string marketing strategies. With its relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising, social media marketing can be an attractive option. However, the devil as they say is in the details.

Speaking at the Association Management Seminar (courtesy of MCI Singapore), Martin Ross of mediamind shared that non-profits first need to understand the digital landscape and the plethora of social platforms available.

How to Build a Great Association

April 18, 2011 Business and Management 1 comment

ASA Exco Dinner
Association dinners and trips can be good bonding events (ASA Exco 2005)

Through the kind invitation of MCI, a global association management company, I had the privilege of diving more deeply into the world of associations at a recent conference at Suntec City Convention Centre. As the Sec-Gen of the Association of Singapore Attractions, I am always interested to learn about the best practices of running and managing an association.

According to a white paper published by the firm, there are 8 key strategies for associations (whether professional or trade) anywhere in the world to remain relevant in a fast changing future. Key findings from these paper hail from a survey of European associations conducted by MCI, but many of them are relevant to associations here in Singapore. They are: