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Separated from Birth?

May 6, 2007 Blog 7 comments

As I was flipping the newspapers today, I spotted this pair of uncannily similar advertisements from two beauty establishments. See if you can spot the difference between these pair of “identical twins”.

Twin Ad 1
New York Skin Solutions touting miraculous cures for all kinds of skin ailments.

Twin Ad 2

Strip ‘Em Bare Marketing

April 17, 2007 Blog 6 comments


Saw this interesting looking banner outside Strip – a hair removal joint – at Wheelock Place recently while having lunch at nearby Sun & Moon Dining. Apparently, they remove hair from everywhere, including the famous (or infamous) Brazilian waxing (ouch!) treatment. I thought the huge banner outside their shop was pretty eye catching and different from the usual humdrum marketing (cue TV actress or singer) given to beauty treatments.

The use of comic style characters in the tradition of Roy Lichtenstein certainly catches one’s attention. This is complemented by the clever use of the WANTED style of advertising, coupled with provocative images and cheeky copy that is different from the oft-preferred option of blah advertising by beauty salons. I had a look at their website and apparently, they have quite a funny TV commercial too. I certainly wished that more companies in Singapore can inject greater humour in their marketing.