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Is Toyota Diversifying into Food?

September 27, 2007 Blog 16 comments


Spotted this advertisement at the regular bus stop which I take. Hmmm… notice the (R) – ie registered trademark – next to the words LEXUS? Does this mean that the world’s number one automotive company is now going into cream crackers?

Notice how closely the font of the biscuit brand emulates that of the luxury marque as seen below:

I wonder if the biscuits are as silent as the Lexus cars when you bite into them? 🙂

Biggest Biscuit Bash

August 19, 2007 Blog 14 comments

Tired of the usual roadshows with pretentious promoters and inane entertainment? Here’s something novel for a change.

In an ingenious use of their product employing one of PR’s oldest trick, biscuit manufacturer Jacob’s recently hit the headlines with their attempt to build Singapore’s biggest biscuit sculpture. Their fabulous feat of food art sits on a platform measuring about 6 by 1.2 metres, with more than 24,000 biscuits from 13 varieties employed. Called Jacob’s Biscuit World, this event showed that biscuits can do a lot more than just stuff your stomach.

I caught some of the action yesterday at Bishan Junction 8 while meeting the Friends of Yesterday (pun unintended).