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ABCs of Building a Customer Profile

March 21st, 2016   •   2 comments   

ABCs of Customer Profile

Courtesy of nvlvan

Ever created a “perfect” ad or content, only to find that nobody gave a hoot?

Well, the problem probably lies in your failure to understand who your target audiences are, and what attracts them. 
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Who Should You Really Target

November 16th, 2011   •   no comments   

Courtesy of Lost & Found Online Marketing

One of the most important chapters in the book of marketing is customer segmentation and targeting. You need to know who you’re reaching and how you’re making your product or service relevant to their needs, wants or desires. Without a keen understanding of your target segment, everything else may fall apart.

The challenge however is this. How do you know who they really are?

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Should We Be Snipers or Grenadiers?

August 7th, 2010   •   1 comment   

There are two schools of thought in marketing.

The first school teaches us to focus and concentrate all our energies and resources on one (or perhaps two) key strategies. I call them the snipers.

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