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Deceptive Advertising that’s Totally Rubbish

March 13th, 2011   •   no comments   


If you’re staying in a government built flat and receive the above letter, what would your first reaction be?

A) Oh no, I’ve obviously screwed up and have to pay a fine.
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I Know That You Guys Are Desperate But…

October 9th, 2007   •   10 comments   

…do you have to resort to this in order to grab my attention?


Spotted this officious looking “Notice” which was stuck on my door handle. It certainly looked – at first glance – like a notice from the housing authority, exhorting us flat dwellers to repair our ceilings within the stated period. The moment I saw the phrase “No Obligation Call Us Now At….”, I knew that I have been had. Well almost.

What would they do next? Create an envelope with the “state-crest” and the words “ON GOVERNMENT SERVICE”?