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From Push to Pull to Participate

July 3rd, 2010   •   no comments   

T-Mobile’s Flash Mob at Trafalgar Square

In the world of advertising, it is common for one to think about generating Attention first before anything else.

After all, that age-old mnemonic AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is predicated on the ability to capture your target audience’s eyeballs/ eardrums in the cacophony of marketing clutter.
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Are Flash Mobs Useful in Marketing?

June 23rd, 2009   •   2 comments   

Participants of one of Singapore’s first Flash Mob (Courtesy of nuffnangsg)

By now, almost everybody would have heard of the phenomenon of flash mobbing, which is essentially involves an orchestrated mass activity where people congregate in a particular location to perform a specific act. According to Wikipedia, flash mobs are normally mobilised through social media channels like viral emails, SMSes, social networking platforms (especially Facebook and Twitter) or other social media channels.

The most famous Flash Mob group on the planet is probably Improve Everywhere based in New York City which is founded by Charlie Todd in August 2001. With more than 80 missions under its belt, the worldwide group is probably the most prolific flash mobbing organisation on the planet.
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