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Let’s Go Green! (One baby step at a time)

July 5, 2007 Blog 20 comments

Save our world by bagging and recycling

We have all read, heard and sweated enough to know that the world is dying. At an alarming rate.

All manner of freakish weather phenomena has been happening around the world. Sea levels are rising in Southeast Asian islands, floods are becoming more common, and temperatures are rising not only during summer but all year round. Habitats and livelihoods of entire island communities were decimated while fishing stocks of favourite sushi fishes (bluefin tuna) are now severely depleted.

Saltwater Wells in My Eyes

February 4, 2007 Blog 9 comments

As alluded to earlier, something sinister is happening to our environment. Mankind’s multiple abuses – deforestation, overfishing, water and sea pollution, depleting fossil fuels and excessive carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions – have led to severe environmental degradation. More than 2,000 top environmental scientists have alluded that we are at the start of a major and irreversible climactic catastrophe.

Global warming (by as much as 6 degrees Celcius over the next 100 years), rising sea levels (up to 50 cm in the next century), shrinking tropical islands, melting glacial ice, and depleting of natural forest cover. These have affected entire communities and led to massive disasters in recent times like floods, mudslides, hurricanes, and numerous pollution related illnesses.

Are we safe here in Singapore? After all, we did escape from the brunt of it all in recent years.