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A Colourful Twist in Advertising

July 12, 2011 no comments

Feed the Colour

At lunch recently, I was attracted to this simple bus stop poster ad by Jurong Bird Park. Even though the copy isn’t factually correct (one can’t really feed colours), the metaphor associating avian species with their colourful plumage is cleverly and imaginatively conceived.

While text is kept to the absolute minimum, the brand imagery is clear.  As most Singaporeans would know where the bird park is, there isn’t a need to include a map or an address in this poster.  

Would such an advertising approach work for your business?  If not, why?

“Mauled” by “Lions”!

January 27, 2009 no comments

…. good thing he managed to survive and even “triumph” over the mythical beasts!

Caught this interesting lion dance performance with a big-headed doll at the Jurong Bird Park recently.

Here’s wishing all of you an Ox-traordinary year ahead!!

Birds of Different Feathers

June 30, 2007 Blog 10 comments

About a month ago, in a sudden whimsical flight of fancy, we decided to follow the flock and make our way to the Jurong Bird Park. Part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Jurong Bird Park is a multi-award winning attraction. It is famed for having the world’s largest aviary and manmade waterfall. Unfortunately due to the deadly avian flu scare, it has lost some of its lustre with the locals.

Our pictorial journey begins with the little intrepid explorer picking up a map and charting the course for the day.