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Chicken Eating Crocodiles at Dundee’s Wildlife Park

May 25, 2009 no comments

Located off the Murray River just an hour away from Adelaide, Dundee Wildlife Park is a charming little old-school zoo focusing primarily on native Australian birds, reptiles and animals.  A boutique-sized establishment catering largely to families and kids, it occupies a fairly small area and can be easily covered in an hour and a half (or less).  This privately-owned establishment includes a restaurant and hotel too, so one can literally eat and sleep with the animals (ala Doctor Dolittle).  As this was the first wildlife park that my family and I visited, Ethan was naturally all excited about it.

The theme for this visit? “Food Glorious Food!” and you will see why as we go on.

Looking fairly nondescript, with a simple and disarming facade, Dundee Wildlife Park was quite a “no-frills” park although prices are not exactly cheap at $10 per adult and $7 per kid.

The World’s Largest Lobster and Murray River

May 16, 2009 no comments

One of the more prominent destinations in the state of South Australia, Murray River stretches all the way from the border of New South Wales, across the entire state of Victoria, and ends with its mouth at South Australia close to Adelaide. A popular location for water-based activities like boating, canoeing, fishing and going on river cruises, the river’s waters are pretty placid most of the time. While it isn’t quite as wide or broad as the Mississippi or Missouri, it does evoke that sense of riverine adventure with Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer floating along on an old-style river boat.

First, a fond farewell to Kingston SE and Larry the Humungous Lobster.  

A shot along the river close to where the delta is (ie where it connects to the sea).