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We’ll Teach You To Skate But Not To Spell

January 12, 2009 Blog 8 comments


Spotted this standee somewhere at People’s Park Complex recently. I wonder how the English teacher of the guy/girl who has copywritten this must feel.

If you are a potential customer of this business – which is a possibility since the advertisement proclaims that anybody from 1 to 70 can be their client – would you be convinced by this advertising message?

The Dodgiest Ad I Ever Saw

April 24, 2008 Blog 9 comments

As I was going home last night, I spotted this slip of paper under my door. I think it can easily qualify as the most dodgy looking piece of marketing material ever conceived by mankind.


PS – The wet spot on the right isn’t purposefully created to add to the filth. Rather it was created by me resting my wine glass on this direct mailer.