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We’ll Teach You To Skate But Not To Spell

January 12th, 2009   •   8 comments   


Spotted this standee somewhere at People’s Park Complex recently. I wonder how the English teacher of the guy/girl who has copywritten this must feel.

If you are a potential customer of this business – which is a possibility since the advertisement proclaims that anybody from 1 to 70 can be their client – would you be convinced by this advertising message?

The Dodgiest Ad I Ever Saw

April 24th, 2008   •   9 comments   

As I was going home last night, I spotted this slip of paper under my door. I think it can easily qualify as the most dodgy looking piece of marketing material ever conceived by mankind.


PS – The wet spot on the right isn’t purposefully created to add to the filth. Rather it was created by me resting my wine glass on this direct mailer.

Customer or Crook?

February 10th, 2007   •   12 comments   

Spotted this sign at a second-hand bookshop somewhere. It tells me a couple of things:

1) We are very pally with the men-in-blue so “you better watch out, you better not cry…”

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