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From Excess to Austerity – a Self Help Guide

October 1, 2008 Blog 8 comments

Courtesy of Notagainfarm

By now, almost everybody would have thought about the impact of the collapse in financial systems and how it would affect their lives. The wiping out of US$1 trillion in liquidity from American stock markets in one day – after the failure of the Bush’s Administrations proposed US$700 billion bailout package in clearing Congress – was especially sobering. Apparently, this could just be the tip of the iceberg as the financial saga sparked off by loans made in bad faith unravels itself.

What could one do in a situation like this? Does it mean that one should immediately cut all expenses and live like a Spartan?

Turning Crises into Opportunities

September 25, 2008 Blog 3 comments

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Many would know that these are challenging times. The financial markets have collapsed, retirees are losing their life savings in complex derivative financial products, inflation has reared its ugly head, and the China melamine milk scare has seized many with fear. According to many economists, the prognosis is bleak for the next two years or so. Friends in the financial sector have also told me that the prospect of losing their jobs are very real.

Against such a gloom and doom scenario, what can one do? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? My answer is yes. Depending on your experience and training, there are opportunities out there if you know how to seize them.

The Parable of the Spider

September 21, 2008 Blog 6 comments


I spotted the above spider making his home at the lift lobby just outside my home. The little guy has been there for weeks, and interestingly, no efforts have been made to clean up his silky home. I don’t really mind though as I have a thing for spiders.

In fact, there are some lessons that you can learn from them, which relates pretty well to the world of marketing.

Why Globetrotters is Great for Families

September 4, 2008 Blog 5 comments

We recently celebrated my nephew Isaac’s 6th birthday at Globetrotters Restaurant, a well-known joint which specialises in catering to families with young kids. It was our first time there even though we heard so much about it. Having experienced it myself, I can only say that this is one F&B outlet which pulls out all the stops in endearing itself to its target audience!

Specialising in global cuisines, Globetrotters is located at United Square shopping centre – a family friendly hangout in itself.


What Reservist Does To You

August 20, 2008 Blog 4 comments

After eight days out in the field, your mind does tend to slow down quite a bit. Yes, I was called back for In Camp Training (ICT) over much of last week and just came back to office today.

Personally, I didn’t mind going back to my reservist camp. It gave me a chance to reflect, ponder and deliberate on the vicissitudes of life from a different vantage point. It also allowed me to switch off mentally and to breathe a little more deeply and slowly.

Naturally, ICTs come with opportunities to flex those muscles which have been lying idle for too long due to disuse. One could also play philosopher, economist, politician and psychologist with one’s fellow camp mates during those dull and lengthy hours of waiting. You will be surprised at the quality of the discourses that we had after a few hours out in lush tropical vegetation!

Being away from technology (no laptops or camera phones allowed) helped me rediscover the joys of reading and having person to person conversations. There is a certain charm in going back to a simpler form of existence, when the only things which mattered were food, rest, and moving from point A to point B in the quickest possible manner. IPPT was also kinda fun for me as it gave me the chance to measure my fitness levels and the outcome of my fitness fanaticism.

Well, all good things (ok some good things – the heat is killing in our tropical sun and I do miss the buzz of being in the office) do come to an end and it is back to reality for me.

A Coastal Escapade

August 9, 2008 Blog 5 comments

My family and I love nature and the outdoors, and most of our weekends are often spent either at a garden or park. A few weeks back, we decided to check out the Changi Point Boardwalk at the recommendation of my wife’s colleague. It was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Made up of four sections, the Changi Boardwalk hugs the Eastern outline of Singapore, and allows one to experience the rustic and quiet charm of one of Singapore’s oldest beaches. Adorned with heritage trees, it meanders through holiday bungalows and chalets. Here’s a photolog of our recent trip at one of its sections.

Bringing Creativity Back

July 26, 2008 Blog no comments


I used to pride myself on being an innovator and creator. Constantly seeking and searching, I would look for opportunities to start something fresh and new. Doing things the same way just didn’t cut it for me if I can find an improved approach.

Unfortunately, the years have dulled my senses and numbed my instincts. Comparing myself to who I was 10 years ago, my ability to generate original thought and inspiration appear to have dwindled. I am no longer as sharp or spirited in my ability to pen a wickedly dastardly strategy, or to conceive a plan for world dominion.

The Scarcest Resource is Still Time

June 25, 2008 Blog 7 comments

First I have to apologise for the tardy updates on my blog. It has been almost two weeks since my last post, and I do have tonnes of topics that I wanted to talk about.

However, time wasn’t on my side. Creating that half an hour or more each day to blog will mean doing less of something else. Other than working (which gobbles up huge amounts of energy, brain juices, and time), I have been exercising a lot harder and more regularly than before. It does help to take away stress for sure.

In the age of social media, I don’t think being able to communicate with a thousand different folks simultaneously on multiple channels is going to be the Piece De Resistance of what its all about. Sure, you can twitter somebody here, SMS a buddy there, chat on MSN, email an associate, put up a blogpost, give somebody a tequila on facebook and so on. It is fun to be connected, to be the nexus of attention amongst hundreds of Friendsters. To be seen as part of the scene, the cool crowd, the hip and happening uber geeks flashing their iPhones.

Unfortunately, while engaging in these activities, I may have missed out on the important moments in my life that I may regret later. For example, seeing my four and a half year old boy grow up incredibly fast, chatting with the love of my life (my wife), breaking personal records in physical endeavours, and reading a great book. Enjoying a walk in the park, smelling the flowers, exploring new places to go to.

Of course, I can blog about all this. And I do intend to, moving ahead. However, for now, what I need to do is to catch my breath first. And slowly, breathe in, breathe out, and celebrate life.

Oh well. Just decided to rant for a bit. Do you ever experience such a phenomenon? Have you ever wanted to just be unplugged from the greater world, to recoil into your little sanctuary of solitude?

Childlike Marketing (No Kidding!)

May 5, 2008 Blog 3 comments

Child’s Play or a Lesson in Marketing?

As I was going for a run this evening at the neighbourhood park, I noticed how kids have this boundless energy aimed at the sole purpose of having non-stop fun. Jumping and skipping from one activity to another, they appear not to have a care in the world, and are focused on their agenda of having pure, unadulterated fun. While watching them play in glee, it hit me that perhaps there are lessons there that we can learn from in the realm of marketing.

Indeed, some of the traits of childhood – especially at play – are invaluable to us jaded marketers. They include the following: