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Crackling Good Times at Newton Roast

May 27th, 2014   •   no comments   

When was the last time you visited Newton Food Centre?

If you hadn’t for a long time (like me), now is a good time to do so. Especially if you love delectable roast pork knuckles and pork belly, lovingly cooked in the German style.
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Why Brands Need to Have Visual Equity

October 2nd, 2011   •   no comments   

Why Brands Need Visual Equity

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What is the most important marketing strategy for FMCG products?

Is it developing a strong brand? Advertising on TV, radio and newspapers? Embracing social media and citizen marketing? Or all of the above?
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Service Failure at a Supermarket

October 31st, 2010   •   2 comments   

Supermarket shelves should always be full stocked (source)

While grocery shopping recently, my wife Tina experienced an inexplicable service failures at one of the largest supermarket chains in Singapore.

The story went like this.
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