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What Reservist Does To You

August 20, 2008 Blog 4 comments

After eight days out in the field, your mind does tend to slow down quite a bit. Yes, I was called back for In Camp Training (ICT) over much of last week and just came back to office today.

Personally, I didn’t mind going back to my reservist camp. It gave me a chance to reflect, ponder and deliberate on the vicissitudes of life from a different vantage point. It also allowed me to switch off mentally and to breathe a little more deeply and slowly.

Naturally, ICTs come with opportunities to flex those muscles which have been lying idle for too long due to disuse. One could also play philosopher, economist, politician and psychologist with one’s fellow camp mates during those dull and lengthy hours of waiting. You will be surprised at the quality of the discourses that we had after a few hours out in lush tropical vegetation!

Being away from technology (no laptops or camera phones allowed) helped me rediscover the joys of reading and having person to person conversations. There is a certain charm in going back to a simpler form of existence, when the only things which mattered were food, rest, and moving from point A to point B in the quickest possible manner. IPPT was also kinda fun for me as it gave me the chance to measure my fitness levels and the outcome of my fitness fanaticism.

Well, all good things (ok some good things – the heat is killing in our tropical sun and I do miss the buzz of being in the office) do come to an end and it is back to reality for me.