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Wanted: Social Media Responses to the AIMS Report

August 30, 2008 Blog 2 comments

Courtesy of AIMS

Yesterday evening, a good friend and journalist at Zaobao called me to ask for my views on the freshly minted recommendations by AIMS. I gave her some inputs from NHB’s perspective. How we are actively embracing social media and reaching bloggers – not only on our own turf (Yesterday.sg) but through outreach programmes working with various online communities.

Some of you may already know that we have changed a position from e-Marketing to Social Media Marketing. I am also encouraging my team members to participate in various communities by attending their gatherings and meetings. You may wish to read more about NHB’s approach and views in the article at Zaobao (in Mandarin).

Social Media in Singapore – Sizzle or Fizzle?

May 2, 2008 Blog 4 comments

Kudos to Daryl Tay of Unique Frequency for addressing an issue which many know but few seem to want to bring to the forefront. And that is how the social media scene is performing in Singapore. He also highlighted an inspiring example on how Sea World uses social media marketing to its advantage. As one of the early purveyors of a corporate/ special interest blogs (namely Yesterday.sg), I tend to mirror some of his thoughts on the limitations of pure social media marketing (or PR) as a viable strategy in Singapore.

Here are my thoughts on why social media doesn’t quite go the full distance in Singapore. Well at least for now…..

1) Entertainment as opposed to edification. The huge majority of bloggers in Singapore tend to use them for fun and leisure, as opposed to education. Most of the popular blogs here are light-hearted and mirth-filled affairs which tend to dwell more on the adventures (or misadventures) of their creator rather than a step-by-step guide on a specific topic. Which brings me to my second point.