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From Word of Malice to Word of Mush

February 10th, 2009   •   4 comments   

Courtesy of m/a/z/e & Molliwogg

One of the most important skills needed to propel one’s efforts in social media is the age-old act of relationship building. To move any social media outreach, blogger relations or online evangelism effort through the long haul, one needs to have a group of believers, and to put in extra effort to build relationships with fellow digital denizens.

Just having a great blog or a nifty social media application isn’t enough if people don’t care enough about you or your organisation to want to be a part of the action. You need to invest in winning their trust and often their friendships too.
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Transforming Yesterday.sg Plus NHB’s Social Media Strategies

February 9th, 2009   •   8 comments   

Is it possible to marry museums with social media? Can we possibly make heritage hip and happening to the young?

Well, I certainly believe that this can be done.
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How to Make Your Blog Great

November 12th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Are there ways to stand out from the 133 million blogs which are tracked by Technorati (and probably a gazillion more which are untracked)?

Can your blog be a favourite bookmark for the thousands of online surfers?

How can one distinguish and differentiate one’s online real estate against the competition?

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