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How LEGO rewrote the rules of innovation

July 26th, 2015   •   1 comment   

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon – the most highly sought after toy for geeks! (source of image)

Everybody loves LEGO. Boys, girls, mums, dads, and construction toy geeks of all ages.

However, do you know that the world’s favourite toy building blocks is also a powerhouse of innovation?
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7 Evergreen Leadership Lessons From Good To Great

September 4th, 2012   •   no comments   

Courtesy of Jim Collins

Are charismatic superstar CEOs the answer to enduring success? What about dramatic mergers and acquisitions – aren’t those the panacea to ailing companies?

What about those awe-inspiring cutting edge technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain? Surely those ought to at least have an impact on greatness, right?
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