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How to Turn Unhappy Customers into Online Advocates

April 18th, 2018   •   2 comments   

Unhappy to Happy Customer

“Customer service is the new marketing” – Gary Vaynerchuk 

What should you do when you receive a nasty email or Facebook complaint? Should you ignore it, defend your business robustly, or respond genuinely with the aim to help?
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Managing the 4 Types of Communication Crises

July 5th, 2015   •   no comments   

Four Kinds of Communication Crises

What should you do when a major crisis erupts? How can you counter the wave of negative public opinions that emerge, especially online?

Well, it really depends on the circumstances. As the saying goes, having the best hammer doesn’t mean that every problem is a nail. Similarly, managing communication crises requires you to first diagnose the cause and effect of the issue before prescribing the right public relations strategy.
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Managing Online Trolls, Haters and Critics

November 9th, 2014   •   4 comments   

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Social media is a double-edged sword.

Put to good use, it can be a salve for humanity’s woes. Social media allows us to share helpful content, seed ideas, connect with long-lost friends, and form communities around specific interests, relationships and affinities. It also lowers the communication barriers for small businesses, solo-preneurs and freelance talents, allowing them to reach their markets at a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately, social media isn’t always “sugar, spice and everything nice”. Anybody who creates and publishes public content on a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or Twitter account know that it comes with the inherent risks of being flamed or criticised.
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