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Celebrating Singapore’s Birthday @ Melbourne

August 9, 2009 Blog 2 comments

Thanks to the efforts of the Singapore Students Society at the University of Melbourne, together with counterparts at RMIT, University of Monash (Caulfield & Clayton), more than 500 Singaporeans and friends of Singapore had the chance to celebrate our country’s 44th birthday tonight. Held at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne (along Swanston Street), the party was a great way to rekindle passions and emotions in one’s homeland.

While I haven’t been away from Singapore that long (my last trip back was in mid July 2009), I still feel the pains of homesickness occasionally creeping up on me (especially since my family is there). Which was why I think that its a great idea to have celebrations of Singapore’s birthday in cities with significant numbers of Singaporeans. Special thanks must go to Wan Hua who helped made this gathering possible.

No prizes for guessing what this ticket to the event resembles! I thought it was a great stroke of creativity.

Experiencing the Big “O” at University of Melbourne

February 27, 2009 no comments

Orientation Week has just concluded at the University of Melbourne, and all self respecting students should have got to know every square metre of the campus, every lecturer or tutor that he or she is supposed to be acquainted with, and every single prize winning opportunity available. Hordes of freshmen and women thronged the age-old campus, signing up for various activities, clubs and societies while learning about the various facilities available such as the libraries, computer labs, seminars rooms and so on.

Here are some brief snapshots of my experience this week, focusing in particular on the “Amazing Race” which I undertook this afternoon with three other friends. That got me totally winded and I am “amazed” at how I could still blog after that most tiring (but fun…okay somewhat fun) experience.

The tar roads and concrete pavements were used as signboards with coloured chalk scribbled on them during Orientation Week.