About Cooler Insights

Cooler Insights is a boutique content marketing agency which helps businesses to create and grow unique brands through storytelling, content marketing, social influence, media relations, and branding.

Hi Everyone! My name is Walter.

I’ve spend 20 years of my professional life in marketing communications, social media marketing, content marketing, public relations, strategic planning and industry development.

Along the way, I’ve led and built teams that were constantly on the vanguard of digital marketing and public relations practices.

Blogging to Content Marketing

Cooler Insights first began as a marketing and lifestyle blog on Blogger in October 2005. Back then, I was experimenting with blogging as a platform to share what I’ve learned in marketing, public relations, and social media.

As the years went on, I learned more and more about digital marketing and decided to sharpen my blog content, focusing more on social business topics like content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing and brand storytelling.

Upon leaving full-time employment in May 2014, I registered Cooler Insights as a boutique content marketing and social media agency in August 2014. Concurrently, I revamped my blog and migrated to the WordPress platform with the help of Originally.US.

Over the 15 months or so, I have worked with wonderful partners like Hashmeta and A-Star Success as well as clients like NTUC First Campus, Jurong Point, IDA, and Trident Law Corp on various social media and content marketing projects.

I was also involved in helping to launch StarNgage – a new Instagram marketing platform focused on connecting brands with influencers.

Social Media Pioneer in Public Sector

So what did I do before that?

Well, in my last role as Director of Corporate Communications at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), I led my team to successful pitch an investigative story which scored front page coverage, consolidated its social media platforms, and experimented with its first YouTube video. We have also redesigned the IRAS website and re-ordered its content architecture.

Prior to that at the National Heritage Board (NHB), my team conceived Yesterday.sg – Singapore’s first heritage and museum blog. I was one of the first public officers who stuck my neck out to embrace social media.

We started with blogging and later ventured into Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Beyond that, we launched the Patron of Heritage Awards, started a $10.5 million five year incentive programme, and achieved media publicity worth $6 to $7 million per year.

Before that at NTUC Club, I chaired a Singapore Food Festival event which drew 50,000 over three days, and attracted 60,000 partygoers to a countdown party (the largest outdoor event then). I also launched Singapore’s first franchise scheme and developed transformation plans for three industries at the Productivity and Standards Board (now SPRING Singapore), and did strategic planning at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Industry Leadership

Wait there’s more.

A former Vice Chairman of the Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) and Board Governor for Army Museum, I was involved in all kinds of national-level initiatives. They include the Industry Skills and Training Council (WDA), Productivity Steering Committee (STB), PS21 EXCEL Committee (public sector), and judge for the Businesses for Families and Tourism Awards.

Through my experiences both at my day job and my industry commitments, I gained an eagle’s eye view of the issues that companies and brands face, not just in marketing and PR, but other aspects of their operations – manpower, training, productivity, and of course customer service experience.

Singapore Blog Awards Judge

Perhaps my greatest claim to (very limited) fame is my appointment as a judge for the Singapore Blog Awards organised by SPH. I have been doing it for six years running and am definitely still loving it!

An avid business blogger, I also spoke at multiple workshops and conferences on social media marketing, public relations, content marketing and branding, and contributed articles to The Straits Times. Collectively, these efforts have helped me to achieve greater visibility and thought leadership in the marketing and PR space.

Teacher, Trainer and Coach

Now that I am in my mid 40s, I have also decided to focus part of the second phase of my life on teaching and training.

Regular readers of my blog know that I have a passion for imparting knowledge. Thus, I was delighted with the opportunity to teach part-time as an associate lecturer at Republic Polytechnic.

Working with a business partner, I will also be launching a series of social media marketing workshops in 2016. I’m really looking forward to those sessions as they will allow me to share my love and passion for social media, content, and digital marketing to my audiences.

An (almost) life-long Christian, I’m happily married to a gorgeous woman and a proud dad of a charming 12 year old boy.

Now that you know what I did, I’d love to hear your story! Drop me an email and I’d love to catch up for a chat over coffee.

“Building your business through the power of content marketing and brand storytelling”