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How to Make a Good Brand Name

January 19, 2024 Content Marketing, Personal Branding 3 comments

A rose by any other name should smell just as sweet? Or would it no longer be a rose if we call it something else?

Names can be powerful. People swear by the name of God or their parents/grandparents when they make an important proclamation. For companies, catchy names like Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon have helped them to be more easily memorable — and possibly billion-dollar businesses!

Why Lee Kuan Yew was the Ultimate 5G Leader

September 17, 2023 Personal Branding 1 comment

As we commemorate LKY 100, the centenary of Lee Kuan Yew’s birth, a reflective hush settles over Singapore. Our nation pauses to remember the man whose vision and leadership helped turn us from a “mudflat into a metropolis”.

Born on 16th September 1923, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, fondly known as LKY, was a beacon of resilience and innovation. His leadership style offers timeless lessons not only in leadership and governance, but in our own personal development.

Why Personal Storytelling Matters — And How To Tell Yours

April 12, 2023 Book Reviews, Personal Branding 1 comment

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Do you know that personal stories can change the world? More importantly, would you like to make an impact through personal storytelling?

All of us have stories. These personal narratives include episodes of our life, our education, our work, our relationships, as well as our interactions with the world around us.