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Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

April 3rd, 2019   •   no comments   

Social media marketing just isn’t right for companies dealing in manufacturing. Or so they say.

Just look at your Facebook or Instagram news feed. Chances are that it’s filled with videos and photos of animals, celebrities, political insights, amazing human feats, jokes, and other entertaining stuff.
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Facebook Advertising 101: Measuring and Tracking Performance

March 27th, 2019   •   no comments   

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You’ve come a long way since you first used Facebook to market your business.

Beyond starting your own Facebook Page and sharing regular posts, you have experimented with boosting your posts and have started running your own ads.
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Facebook Advertising 101: Creating Your Ads

March 20th, 2019   •   no comments   

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How do you create an ad on Facebook? What are the types of ads you can create and publish?

This article will guide you through the steps needed to create an ad on Facebook after you have selected your Campaign Objective and structured your Facebook Ad Sets. If you are unfamiliar with those steps, I advise you to read the articles I’ve published on these topics (Campaign and Ad Sets).
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Facebook Advertising 101: Structuring Ad Sets For Success

March 13th, 2019   •   no comments   

Facebook Ad Set

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How do you optimize your Facebook ads to ensure that your campaign hits the bullseye?

The answer lies in how you build and structure your Ad Sets: Audience, Placement, Budget, Schedule and Offers.
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Facebook Advertising 101: How to Choose the Right Campaign Objective

March 7th, 2019   •   no comments   

Manage Your Facebook News Feed

Wish to embark on Facebook advertising but unsure how? Want to improve the outcomes of your Facebook advertising efforts?

Begin by choosing the right Facebook Ad Campaign Objective. We will show you how with this step-by-step guide.
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10 Top Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

February 28th, 2019   •   no comments   

Do you run a small business? Wish to improve your brand awareness, generate business leads and attract customers using social media?

In this article, I will cover the social media marketing strategies and tactics that I use as a small business owner, using mostly cheap or free apps and tools.
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Facebook Marketing 101: How To Read Facebook Insights

February 20th, 2019   •   no comments   

Wish to better track, monitor and measure your social media marketing performance on Facebook?

There is no better tool you can use that Facebook Insights – the free analytics tool available for any organisation with a Facebook Page.
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Why K-Pop Marketing Rocks: Lessons For Non Superstars

January 30th, 2019   •   no comments   

Heard of the Korean boy band BTS? Well, they recently created a huge buzz when fans queued overnight just to get into their concert in Singapore.

Also known as the Bangtan Boys, the K-Pop group’s August 2018 hit Idol earned a Guinness World Record for the most viewed music video online in 24 hours, thrashing heavyweights like Taylor Swift.
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The 5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

January 17th, 2019   •   1 comment   

Ready for digital marketing in 2019? Keen to learn more about digital marketing trends in the year ahead?

In this article, I will survey the online marketing landscape and describe developments in online advertising, apps, and content that are likely to take flight in 2019.
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Social Media Marketing in 2019: 8 Things You Need To Try

January 3rd, 2019   •   1 comment   

The year ahead promises to be exciting and challenging for social media marketers.

From endless algorithm changes to the increasing costs of paid channels, marketers must work hard to keep pace with the new social media marketing trends in 2019.
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