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5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Use Without a Website

January 28, 2022 Content Marketing 1 comment

Wish to grow your start-up or small business tapping on digital marketing strategies without a website? Don’t have the time, money, energy or expertise to build a website to promote your products and services?

Don’t worry – there are lots of different digital marketing strategies and techniques you can apply without a website. The best thing is that most of these strategies do not involve coding, programming or any technical stuff!

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies for eCommerce in Singapore

November 9, 2021 Social Influence no comments

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Online shopping is becoming the de facto mode of buying and selling—worldwide retail eCommerce sales is projected to reach US$4.9 trillion in 2021.

Accelerated by global pandemics like Covid-19, many here in Singapore have switched to buying online. This resulted in the exploding growth of eCommerce stalwarts like Amazon, Alibaba, Ten Cent, JD.com, and qoo10, as well as platforms and payment apps like Google, PayPal, Salesforce, Rakuten, and more.

How Your Business Should Host an Online Contest

August 23, 2021 Social Influence 1 comment

Online contests are excellent ways to reach new customers and spread the word about your brand. Part of the art and science of gamification, contests on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or other online channels can help you to reach new audience segments.

If you choose the prize wisely and know how to run one, you can even gain word-of-mouth marketing momentum without spending a fortune!