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How To Design and Build a High Converting Website

May 22nd, 2019   •   no comments   

Your website is probably the most important piece of digital real estate for your business. Unfortunately, it may also be the most neglected.

To ensure that you can win trust and provide a good user experience online, there are several best practices that you should observe.
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10 B2B Digital Marketing Channels You Need To Know

May 2nd, 2019   •   no comments   

Name me 10 Business-to-Business (B2B) brands that are active online.

Chances are that you’ll struggle trying to identify them. Perhaps Alibaba could be one of them. Or SAP, Intel, General Electric and Accenture.
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How To Craft a Winning B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

April 18th, 2019   •   1 comment   

The biggest myth about B2B marketing is that you can’t do it online.

With products and services ranging from thousands to millions of dollars, your customers can’t possibly see a Facebook ad, click on a button, whip out their credit card, and buy, right?
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10 Top Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

February 28th, 2019   •   no comments   

Do you run a small business? Wish to improve your brand awareness, generate business leads and attract customers using social media?

In this article, I will cover the social media marketing strategies and tactics that I use as a small business owner, using mostly cheap or free apps and tools.
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Why K-Pop Marketing Rocks: Lessons For Non Superstars

January 30th, 2019   •   no comments   

Heard of the Korean boy band BTS? Well, they recently created a huge buzz when fans queued overnight just to get into their concert in Singapore.

Also known as the Bangtan Boys, the K-Pop group’s August 2018 hit Idol earned a Guinness World Record for the most viewed music video online in 24 hours, thrashing heavyweights like Taylor Swift.
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The 5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

January 17th, 2019   •   1 comment   

Ready for digital marketing in 2019? Keen to learn more about digital marketing trends in the year ahead?

In this article, I will survey the online marketing landscape and describe developments in online advertising, apps, and content that are likely to take flight in 2019.
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Social Proof: 10 Immediate Ways To Boost Marketing Results

December 26th, 2018   •   1 comment   

Designed by Freepik

What do social media marketing success have in common with long snaky queues at a restaurant?

The answer lies in two words: social proof.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Growth Hacking Marketing

November 22nd, 2018   •   1 comment   

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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock all this while, you probably heard of the term “growth hacking” bandied about in start-up circles.

Billion dollar “unicorn” companies like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, Dropbox and Instagram have growth-hacked their way into billions of dollars of investor value.
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10 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Help Educators Score

October 9th, 2018   •   1 comment   

Asian Educator

Designed by Freepik

Yes, we’ve all heard that there will be fewer examinations in Singapore schools.

Despite these measures, education will remain highly competitive here.
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12 Powerful Ways To Use Psychology In Digital Marketing

August 29th, 2018   •   1 comment   

Image from Freepik

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

This quote by the famous creator of Marketoonist cartoons rings especially true in the world of digital marketing, where the competition for the attention, interest and wallets of your audiences can be brutal.
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