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July 13, 2008 Blog 3 comments

Sometime last month, my family and I went for a short break in Club Med Bintan. For those who have been there, you would know that Club Med isn’t just an ordinary holiday resort but one that is packed chock-a-block with activities, comes with full-board (including free flow *hic* alcohol) and has performances almost every night by the Gentle Organisers (GOs). Incidentally, the GMs are the Gentle Members who are guests like us, not the head honcho running the joint.

One of the things which we enjoyed about the Club Med experience was that its GOs pay special attention in getting to know you. During meals, GOs are supposed to take turns to join guests at their tables and have a chat.

In a manner akin to Disneyland, all staff members acted like cast members and they even had to perform (nightly), do little funny skits during lunchtime, and generally help everybody have a ball of a time. Of course, I guess it doesn’t help that most of them are hard core party animals (or so it seems, from the way they did the “chi chi” dance at night).
Anyway, here are some photos capturing our experience. Enjoy.

On a fast ferry to Ria Bintan and rarin’ to go.

A view of the harbour – our holiday has begun!

We were welcomed personally by some of the GOs, with balloons for the kids – a nice touch.

A view of the resort facilities from on high.

Here’s what it looks like outside our hotel room, which is just beside the flying trapeze.

Our haven for 3 nights after fun, frenzied days of activities galore.

For those who need some inner peace, a Zen Area is available for yoga and meditation.

A view of the nice pool. All appears nice and serene… until…

Look! Superman is trying to save this “maiden” from the shark!

Naturally, there will be nice beaches at Bintan with crystal clear water teeming with fishes.

So tempting that we can’t resist going in for a few dips!

The harvest was bountiful, with buffet spreads at every meal and free flow drinks (alcohol included) to keep us happy and high.

Mini Club Med was a godsend for parents like us, as they help take care of your kid from 9 to 5 with fun activities galore.

Here’s Ethan making new friends at Mini Club, while waiting to try the tight rope.

Having a break from all that fun.

Of course, that leaves Tina and I some time to go acrobatic and aerial. Here’s Tina before making the plunge…

…and me suspended in mid air doin’ the pendulum.

At night, we were given medals of sporting honour by the GOs, glamourously decked in black.

Treated to a highly entertaining spectacle of GOs in Grecian attire doing a dance…
… and being entertained by a comedic skit with grown men in togas, led by the Village Chief Ryan Leach.

At the end of the experience, a diploma for our tired but happy four year old.

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  1. It must be a very interesting and fun holiday. I’m sure the GOs did a great job making you all very happy, especially Ethan.

    I haven’t been to Club Med Bintan, I went to the one at Kuantan.

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