Rest In Peace Randy

July 28, 2008 Blog no comments

Do you know who Randy Pausch was? Well, he did something extraordinary, and the whole world grieved recently at his passing.

Despite suffering from a terminal pancreatic cancer, he chose to leave an indelible legacy to his three young kids (and inadvertently the world) when he chose to live life to the fullest despite dying. In doing so, he inspired millions and created a revolution through a simple heartfelt message. His Last Lecture video (below) was viewed by millions, and showed the power of social media networks in spreading a message of goodwill and humanity.

A university professor at Carnegie Mellon University specialising in virtual reality and human computer interaction, Randy made history when he delivered his last lecture – both figuratively and literally – to a capacity crowd. In it, he spoke about achieving one’s childhood dreams, and the simple lessons in life that one should take whatever one’s circumstances. The presentation was especially memorable because Randy did it with a wicked sense of wit and humour, without once feeling sorry for himself despite having only months to live.

As Randy himself has said it, the “elephant in the room” has so afflicted his vital organs that a cure was almost impossible. Despite that, he still went ahead to try different treatments, enduring the pain and ordeal of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, all while having a smile on his face.

Needless to say, Randy’s message touched me tremendously. Like any person living in a highly competitive society, I face multiple pressures at work and at home, balancing the multiple roles that I play on a daily basis. Life is so hectic sometimes that introspection becomes a luxury, and dreaming an extravagance.

Perhaps it is time to search for one’s childhood dreams again and to see how one’s current status compares?

So what are the lessons that Randy has to teach? Well find out for yourself by viewing it below. Do it in a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and soak it in. Your life will be changed.

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