Remembering to Recharge

May 13th, 2011   •   no comments   •   Author: Walter Lim   

Sunset and Moonrise

How do you regain your balance in life?  What helps you to “top up” your inner resources after a particularly trying and hectic week?

Often, the simplest pleasures in life can bring forth the greatest sense of joy and well-being. 

They can be as simple as taking a walk in the park with my family, exploring the world of art and history at a museum, catching the golden sunset (or a bright full moon), enjoying a delicious but healthy meal, or escaping into the world of imagination and ideas with a good book.  Of course, shopping and movies are also favourite pastimes for many of us. 

My favourite activities often involve Mother Nature in all her splendour, energised by physical activity which stirs the body and moves the soul. 

Remember to take the time to escape from the hurly burly of daily life every once in a while.  Find a special place where you can empty your mind, recharge your spirit, and nourish your body.  It is absolutely OK to do nothing at all. 

You will find that the rewards will far outweigh the costs taken to escape to that sanctuary of peace, calm and stillness.

Go ahead.  Give yourself a break.  You certainly deserve it.

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