The Power of Positive Language

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The Power of Positive Language
Tap the power of positive words today (designed with Crello)

Wonder why things do not turn out the way you like them to? Caught in a downward spiral of disappointment and negativity?

Well, perhaps you need to start by rewiring the way you think, and rephrase the things you say.

Sinking Into Negativity

When I look at the lives of those caught in a perpetually negative state, I noticed that these folks often indulge in an endless diatribe filled with pessimism, complaints, gossips and grumbles.

Portraying themselves as the victim in every situation, they pine for a brighter future but choose to wallow in the quagmire of self-pity. Hoping to be rescued from their seemingly joyless existence, they love to remark about their deficiencies and limitations.

Often, these are the same folks who seek the attention of others by lamenting about their plight. Their language is full of negative words like “disappointment,” “worthless,” “useless,” “failure,” and “screwed up.”

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Two Masters Of Positivity

Renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once shared about about the powerful impact of words in this podcast. In his speech, he demonstrated how you can use affirmative language and positive phrases to not only change your perspective at work and in life, but to trigger good vibes that cascade to others.

This is especially important in front-line vocations such as sales, customer service or retail which require you to maintain a positive outlook despite rejections and complaints from customers.

Watch this short video showing the master sales trainer in action, and learn how you can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Brendon Burchard is another well known personal development expert who believes in the power of positive language.

His book The Motivation Manifesto included a series of 9 powerful declarations that act as a “call to arms” for those who may feel browbeaten by life’s challenges. Here are the declarations that you can use:

  1. We Shall Meet Life with Full Presence and Power
  2. We Shall Reclaim Our Agenda
  3. We Shall Defeat Our Demons
  4. We Shall Advance with Abandon
  5. We Shall Practice Joy and Gratitude
  6. We Shall Not Break Integrity
  7. We Shall Amplify Love
  8. We Shall Inspire Greatness
  9. We Shall Slow Time

(You can read the full details of Brendon’s declarations in my book review.)

As you listen to and view the messages above, ask yourself if your language is constructive or destructive, encouraging or critical.

Using positive language, however, does not mean that we sugar-coat our words in a shallow and superficial manner. Rather, it compels us to affirm ourselves as well as those around us, focus on what’s ahead rather than what’s behind, and make it a point to not only say but write what we hope to achieve.

How To Start Being Positive

Not sure how to begin? Why not consider using these positive words for a start? Its a long list, so I’m sure that you’ll have lots of options to choose from.

Here are more positive words that you can consider when you think, speak and write each day. They come from Chicken Soup For The Soul author Jack Canfield.

Positive Words To Use

You may also be inspired by this list of positive actions and mantras and develop your own list of sentences and phrases that you speak to yourself, preferably on a regular basis.

Some statements that you could use for your self-talk (yes, I do that too, and I’m not crazy) could include the following:

  • “I am confident, charismatic and clever. I know how to get things done, and to achieve my goals. People are positively drawn to me.”
  • “My future is a bright one full of positive developments that I will build and develop.”
  • “I am healthy, happy and balanced in all aspects of my life.”
  • “My work develops and stretches me in positive ways that are motivating, enriching and enjoyable.”

Turn Negativity Into Positivity Today

Note that speaking positive words doesn’t make all negative issues magically disappear into thin air. You will still face the trials and tribulations that come along your way.

However, focusing your will and energies on the optimistic future will definitely make a difference in how things will pan out as you assiduously plan for your life while living each day to the fullest.

In a world that is overly obsessed with scandals, bad news, economic downturn, losses and despair, it profits us little to add fuel to the fire.

Instead, let us focus on speaking beautiful words, life affirmations and positive phrases that help to edify, encourage and trigger an inflow of blessings and positive goodness into every dimension of our lives.

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