Project Intan – Helping Ill Kids through Culture

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Project Intan is an initiative by The Intan (a boutique Peranakan home museum) which won the Museum Roundtable awards in 2011) with the goal of helping raise funds for charitable causes. Brainchild of Alvin Mark Yapp, owner of The Intan, Project Intan seeks to help worthwhile charities through direct donations and pledges.

This year, The Intan is working with the ARC Children’s Centre to help create a flu-free environment and increase its educational and development programmes for the kids. Started in 2011, Arc is a daycare charity for young patients with serious illnesses such as cancer. These kids receive intensive medical treatment and are unable to return to school or socialize in a normal setting as they are still
prone to infection.
If you’ve not visited The Intan before, you ought to do so soon. Decked in exquisite Peranakan styled decor and artefacts, the boutique home museum is a jewel in the heritage-rich Joo Chiat area. A lifetime labour of love for Alvin, The Intan is also his home when he isn’t busy welcoming visitors. You can find out more about the Intan here or even go on a virtual tour.  To visit The Intan, do call +65 6440 1148 to make an appointment first.

Happening next Sunday on 1 Jul at 6.30 pm, Project Intan this year will include a Peranakan Musical Concert at The Intan. Local violinists will usher in a culture-filled evening with familiar local songs while light Peranakan refreshments are served.

To contribute, you may wish to pledge for specific items together with your family and friends. Should there be more than one pledge for the same item, ARC will channel the funds to an unpledged item or to their running costs.

For more information on how you can play a part in this worthy cause, do contact Alvin at [email protected].

Courtesy of Untapped Cities

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