Want Your Kid to be a Whizzard?

November 3, 2012 Content Marketing no comments

OK, the exams are over. We parents can all relax now, right?


If anything, long holidays can be more terrifying for parents. I mean, you can’t possibly let your kid be playing computer games all day long, right? Wouldn’t his or her brain turn to mush?

Fortunately, there is a solution for us befuddled parents. Positioned as “news storytelling and rocking edutainment” for kids and parents, The Whiz Times features news such as politics, sports, technology, culture, people, business and more.

With current and updated content presented in a refreshingly family friendly manner, the website is easy to navigate and comes with different sections tailored to kids from different age groups. Online resources are also available for parents, educators and brands wanting to reach out to kids.

The brainchild of a digital dad Shalabh Pandey – a former regional social media head at Nokia – The Whiz Times cleverly weaves cartoons, comics, and colourful visuals to catch the attention of kids (and parents alike).


Courtesy of The Whiz Times

To help kids along with difficult words, the portal even comes with an inbuilt dictionary feature – just double click the tough word and out pops the dictionary. Neat! Now I don’t have to sit beside my boy and become a “walking dictionary” (that’s what geek daddies become).

Offering multiple ways for users to share and interact with its content (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, and Pinterest), The Whiz Times is a neat example of a social” edutainment resource. One can also find fun and entertaining animated videos which help to bring difficult concepts to life.

An example is seen below:

As a geek and nerd myself, I deeply value all learning opportunities. Websites like The Whiz Times allow parents to engage their kids in meaningful educational content while being updated on what’s happening around the world today.

In terms of its business model, The Whiz Times currently operates on a freemium model. In other words, you can access most of its content for free while premium content would require a separate charge. For the time being, membership is free so do sign up soon!

The next time your kid reaches out for that iPad or Galaxy Note, relax. He may be logging on to an educational resource such as The Whiz Times instead of playing a tablet game.

PS – Check out the launch video which the guys at The Whiz Times have created for media owners like me below. I thought the robotic voices were kinda quirky yet cute.

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