Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 LTE Smartphone

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Models in Ashley Isham’s Capsule Collection with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 LTEs

After months of waiting, Singapore finally witnessed the launch of Samsung’s GALAXY S4 With LTE. The much anticipated “super” smartphone ups the ante in its contest with the iPhone 5, boasting a larger screen size and battery housed in a light (130 g) and slim (7.9 mm) form factor.

With the world’s first full HD SUPER AMOLED display, the GALAXY S4 With LTE has an ultra sharp pixel density of 441 PPI. According to the Samsung, this gives it the best viewing experience for users. The smartphone also uses Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 3 which makes it durable for life’s adventures (and misadventures).
Armed with a 13 megapixel rear camera (and a 2 megapixel front camera), the GALAXY S4 With LTE has a range of enriched camera features. This includes a new ‘Story Album’ feature which allows photos to be sorted according to timeline, geo-tagged, and stored in a photo album.

Join me now on a pictorial journey through the trade launch of GALAXY S4, and prepare to drool as I introduce the fabulous features of this striking new smartphone to you.

Trade guests and media patiently waiting the evening’s proceedings.

Heavily branded booths showcasing the new Samsung GALAXY S4 smartphone.

These Samsung TV screens show how the S4 is a great companion during holidays. I can imagine, with its awesome photo taking capabilities.

A close-up view of the Samsung GALAXY S4. Apparently, the Group Play allows users to enjoy music, play games, share pictures and documents with those around them without the need for WiFi or cellular signal.

We also had a sneak peek of the new Samsung Note 8.

A close-up view of the new mini tablet which is yet to be launched.

Our emcee for the evening announcing the first item of the night…

…a fashion show featuring models decked in Ashley Isham’s latest Capsule Collection.

Samsung is a presenting sponsor of Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2013. The opening segment at Orchard Fashion Runway happens on 4 May featuring capsule collections by Ashley Isham, Joe Chia and Amaya Arzuaga.

Beyond the apparel, exclusive GALAXY S4 With LTE protective covers created by street artist Mazlan Ahmad will also be unveiled on 4 May.

More fashion and phones, complete with man in black and woman in blue.

Yes, those GALAXY S4s sure look good as fashion accessories!

Harry Lee, Managing Director of Samsung Asia, addressing the crowd.

The “Dual Shot” feature allows the simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras. Users can choose 8 different ways to combine the two photos.

You can also capture sound and voice together with the picture in “Sound & Shot” or take multiple action shots in one time-lapse with “Drama Shot”.

As I earlier mentioned, its screen is to die for. I hope it doesn’t guzzle too much battery life!

This “Share Music” feature allows multiple users to hear the same song being played in sync. That’s truly cool in a party, isn’t it?

Through “S Translator”, instant translation using text or voice is possible for multiple languages – more than just Korean to English too!

Now this feature allows you to control the screen just by hovering your finger. Talk about Jedi tricks!

Wait, there’s more. You can also wave to change screens or browse through screens. Yes, no hands needed!

And one more thing. If you advert your eyes while watching a video, the “Smart Pause” feature will instantly pause the video if you look away. If you look back, it will start again. Wow, the force is truly with this smartphone!

With “S Health”, apps are synched to personalised body state. This actually monitors your level of activity, food calorific intake and more.

For enterprises, Samsung also offers various solutions for security, information sharing, and networking.

A virtual private network can be created, complete with encryption, exchange of information and security management.

Missing mobile phones can also be tracked and located using the FindMyMobile feature.

After all that presentation, its now time for us to get a hands on feel for the smartphone.

Obviously, these guests are enjoying themselves while a promoter shows how its done.

DK and Joe playing with the “Samsung Hub” feature while a manager at Samsung explains how it works.

A closer look at how “Samsung Hub” looks like. It kind of reminds me of Apple TV, except that its interface is a little… err… less refined perhaps?

Finally, I get to feel the GALAXY S4. Its size is broader than the Galaxy S3, but it feels pretty light.

Scrolling through the various menus is relatively easy. However, I wasn’t very proficient with the interface as I’m an iPhone user (unlike my wife who uses a Samsung Galaxy).

Playing games like Sonic the Hedgehog was brilliant on the device. The screen is truly razor sharp and responsive.

Finally, one of the six winners of a lucky draw for the new Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE. Boo hoo, I didn’t get it!!

Retailing at S$998 without contract, the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE can probably be bought for lower prices bundled with 2-year contracts at Singtel, Starhub or M1. For more information, do check out Samsung’s website here.

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