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How to Write a Social Media Marketing Brief

August 7th, 2012   •   4 comments   

How to Write a Social Media Marketing Brief

Have you wondered how you can work with a social media marketing agency? Well, help is here!

By now, we’ve all heard by now about the importance of having a social media marketing strategy to complement one’s marketing communications plan.

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Help! My Agency is Killing Me!

March 6th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Stop fighting with your agency! (courtesy of edpeach1969)

While reading Vivienne’s post on high and mighty advertising agencies, I reflected upon my own years of experience in dealing with agencies both big and small. Yes, there has been lots of blood, sweat (often cold), and tears throughout the process. However, you do also encounter gems in the business and artwork plus copy that makes you smile.

As a client, how does one ensure that a Return On Marketing (ROM) is achieved without stifling the creativity and effectiveness of one’s hired advertising help? Here are some ideas to start the ball rolling:

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How PR Agencies Should Manage Clients

November 28th, 2007   •   11 comments   

How to Clients Can Manage PR Agencies

Source of image

I got tipped off to write about this following Priscilla Tan’s expose on what goes on behind the doors of PR agencies and their clients. Many of the situations which she described – expecting page one news, wanting to be called “the next big thing”, and agency bosses “kow towing” to clients – are not unique indeed.
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When PR Stops Working

May 29th, 2007   •   14 comments   

Got this interesting post by Guy Kawasaki which explains why PR doesn’t work in certain situations. According to the PRSite.com’s Margie Zable Fisher, the top 10 reasons are:

1) The client doesn’t understand the publicity process.

2) The scope of work is not detailed and agreed upon by both parties.
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