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Night Festival @ University of Melbourne

April 7, 2009 Blog 3 comments

One of the things which truly impressed me about the University of Melbourne was how active its various student organisations are. I do receive daily emails and notices in my student email about various causes to support, talks to attend, concerts to participate in, and groups to join in. Some of the student ECA groups even have job descriptions inked on their websites, complete with the mandatory hours and duties that you need to fulfill.    

Whenever I walk around the campus – either en route to the library for studying or the cafeteria for lunch – I notice that there is a constant hive of activity generated by various student clubs, societies and associations. Apparently, there never is a dull moment here. Having gone out of the education system for quite a while, it was interesting to see how various causes were so actively and passionately lobbied by these idealistic youths.

Last Friday, a couple of us decided to walk to campus to check out the night market organised by various student groups. Apparently, this was an annual activity pitched at raising funds for the various societies and clubs.

Walking through Melbourne University

February 17, 2009 Blog 4 comments


Day two of my stay in Melbourne was full of largely administrative chores like opening a bank account (I chose Commonwealth Bank, which has more ATM outlets around the city), getting an Australian mobile line (Opted for 3, which is the most affordable option here), and purchasing other household items like detergent and food containers. I also took the opportunity to walk around the campus of the University of Melbourne to understand what’s available there and where the various buildings are located.

Sprawled across a vast compound at Parkville, which is just slightly north of the Melbourne CBD area, the University of Melbourne is Australia’s second oldest university which is established way back in 1852. It is considered one of the top universities in Australia for certain fields like law, arts, humanities and engineering. Because of its rich history, the buildings within the campus are an eclectic mix of old period architecture with distinctly European influence interspersed with newer more contemporary buildings.

My First Day in Melbourne

February 16, 2009 Blog 8 comments

After a pretty uneventful flight from Singapore to Melbourne – save for the need to switch seats at the inflight entertainment wasn’t working in my original place – I finally touched down in this beautiful city in the state of Victoria commencing my life as a student. What’s on the news was pretty much the raging bush fires and their aftermath in terms of loss of life and livelihoods for many Australians. Thankfully, the effects weren’t that severe here save for a slight haze and a parched and brown appearance throughout the city.

Here’s some photos of my first day in Melbourne.

I am staying at the Graduate House of the University of Melbourne, which is a pretty decent place with adequate facilities for most of my needs. Food is great and its interesting to meet people from various nationalities around the world.

Finally Doing My Masters

January 24, 2009 Blog 7 comments

Courtesy of snipergirl

In slightly over three weeks, I will be flying off to Melbourne to continue my education. I will be reading a Masters in Arts Management at the University of Melbourne, specialising in modules related to art history, museum history and philosophy as well as audience development, finance, strategic planning, organisational management and cultural policy.

This has been made possible through a scholarship courtesy of my organisation, which comes with a three-year bond. Looking at the financial situation as it is, it may not be that bad a deal although it did take me some time to mull over it.