Happening Hahndorf

June 8, 2009 no comments

Just a short 30 minutes drive away from Adelaide in South Australia, Hahndorf is a charming and idyllic little town imbued with historic German influences. Surrounded by picturesque farms (like the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm) and post-card perfect landscapes, Hahndorf offers a perfect blend of rusticity and authenticity in a suburban paradise. Considered as a leading tourist town in the Adelaide Hills region, Hahndorf appealed to one’s sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler and pleasure-filled life in a bucolic Bavarian setting.

The colours of autumn were fully evident in April, tinting the landscape with glorious shades of red, orange and yellow.

Quaint shops like these offered children’s clothes, souvenirs, toiletries, and gifts for sale.

Of course, nothing soothes one’s thirst or hunger better than an Italian Ice Cream (in a “German” town?), and these were joined by others offering scones, cakes, coffee and other savoury delights.
You can even choose to stay in South Australia’s “Pleasantville” at this neat looking hotel called the Manna.
A family photo to provide evidence that we were here. And yes, the weather was warm enough for us to shrug off our jackets and sweaters.
The highlight of the evening was our dinner at this restaurant offering German specialities, brewed Bavarian beer and a children’s play area.
The wood-panelled dining hall probably resembled a similar setting back in old Germany, with authentic touches to enhance the mood for the evening.
Dinner was delectable, mouth-watering and absolutely delicious. The pork chop melted in one’s mouth, the sausage was rich in bouncy texture and taste, while the pasta was flavoursome. And of course, the beer to wash it all down is simply Oktoberrific!
The best thing about the restaurant was the children’s play area, which captivated Ethan for an hour or so while he made some new friends.
A parting shot after dinner before our long drive to the city of Adelaide.
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