An Aromatic Afternoon

August 8, 2009 Blog 1 comment

As a pristine pastoral paradise, Kangaroo Island boasted of farms offering various primary produces. One of the first places which we checked out during our first afternoon on the island was the Emu Bay Lavender farm, a family owned property located beyond the Kingscote area of the island at its Northernmost tip.

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To give you a sense of orientation, I have included a Google Map above which shows where the place is. From Penneshaw where the ferry landed, it was a breezy drive through the largely empty roads through the farms and wilderness to reach this field of fragrant flowers.
The sunny afternoon made jackets unnecessary as we journeyed to the Emu Bay Lavender Farm.

Fields and fields of violet lavender flowers await us, filling the air with their characteristic heady scent.

Tina and Ethan decided to take a closer look at the Empress Purple variety of the flowers. Notice the shadow of the lurking photographer in the foreground.

Striking another pose with the purple perfumed posies, with another shadowy figure in front.

An old and rusty lavender mobile? Probably used to harvest the flowers or plough the field. Any takers?

After several minutes of serendipitous strolling around the farm, we decided to satisfy the other senses.

There were all manner of lavender scented and flavoured products – chocolates, milk, buns, essential oil, soap and even ice-cream.

Naturally, our little one has the privilege of tucking into that purplish-white taste sensation.

While poking around the hut (which was also where the owners stayed), we saw this huge drum which is probably used to store the aromatic oils.

To end off the afternoon, we had scones with fresh cream and jam – one plain and one lavender flavoured.

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  1. hi

    is ethan home-schooled?
    He seems to be one of the minority for someone of his age to travel to so many different places!

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